So, is it possible or not to combine career and motherhood?

Is it possible to return to work immediately after giving birth? How to find a balance between work and motherhood? What can you do to make sure you have enough time in the day?

Olena already knows the answers to these questions and willingly shares them. In her article, the brand manager also reveals a new social support program for parents of newborns from the company.

Kevuru Games takes care of young families, providing mothers and fathers with additional vacations and financial compensation.

And Elena’s story can be read in full at LinkedIn Pulse.

Below you can see the beginning of the article.

Hello! My name is Olena, and I am the brand manager of Kevuru Games. I want to share whether it is possible to combine motherhood and work, how to get out of maternity leave a month after the birth of a son, and how the company can help young mothers.

Non-stop Work

I started working in the second year of university, and since then, I have had a break between job changes for a maximum of several months. I am a journalist by education. First I worked in my specialty, and then, as many of my colleagues actually did, I switched to PR and communications. I love what I do, so I never wanted to take a break from work.

I have always been inspired by women who manage to combine career and motherhood, and I dreamed that I could do the same. Therefore, when I found out I was pregnant, I decided that I would work until the birth, and then I would try to return to work as soon as possible. Although I understood that my plan could break down at any moment, because stories about toxicosis and other “joys” of pregnancy did not really contribute to effective work. Fortunately, I felt great throughout my pregnancy, and besides, I had one very important bonus − the remote work format, so nothing prevented me from working and fulfilling my duties.