At a time when the Armed Forces of Ukraine hold the line in the hottest spots, we must support our defenders and the state in every possible way. Volunteering offers many options for people with different skills and abilities: you can work as a courier, pack humanitarian aid, cook food, or help with relocation or housing. And if there is no way to actively volunteer, you can always support the army and humanitarian organizations financially.

Since February 24, Kevuru Games has donated ≈ 1.5 million hryvnias to help the army and humanitarian purposes. In particular:

✔️ for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (body armor, drones, thermal imagers, etc.);
✔️ for medical kits;
✔️ for the needs of volunteers.

The company plans to continue to allocate at least 1 million hryvnias monthly to financially support the army and volunteers, and encourages both GameDev and other industries to do so. Each of us can contribute to our victory. So let’s unite each on our own front.

Everything will be Ukraine!