Kevuru Games’ Oleksandr Maniliuk, Anna Vorona, Ivan Sheremet, and Lena Petrova discussed how the games industry evolved in 10 years, spoke about the studio’s main strengths, and shared the details behind the recruitment process on the 80LV platform.

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Oleksandr Maniliuk, Anna Vorona, Ivan Sheremet & Lena Petrova: Kevuru Games started as a small studio of a few people developing their own mobile games. As the popularity of gaming products increased, we began to acquire clients who needed help creating 2D and 3D game art. Later, clients began to request full-cycle game development from scratch or in partnership. And so the history of the company began. After 5 years, Kevuru Games has completely immersed itself in the client business and expanded its expertise to meet the demands of various art styles and game genres.

Our first major client was the American corporation EA, which believed in the young team and gave us the opportunity to work on art for their well-known HOG projects. The collaboration proved so successful that it continues to this day. Over the 10+ years of our work, we have also had the honor of working with the largest players in the gaming market: creating 3D characters for Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge by Lucasfilm, drawing concept art for Fortnite by Epic Games, etc.

Now our company employs more than 400 specialists in the following areas:

  • full-cycle game development;
  • art creation (2D, AAA);
  • animation (2D, 3D);
  • porting;
  • QA.

The ever-changing and evolving gaming market requires constant close attention to keeping track of new trends and putting them into practice – otherwise, any game studio risks being considered outdated and inefficient. Therefore, we always keep abreast of the latest gaming trends and expand our expertise accordingly in order to be able to offer our customers the most relevant services.

At the moment, these are blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses – we have already formed a strong backbone of blockchain-savvy specialists who are well versed in the most relevant features of crypto games. The famous NFT games we are currently working on are MechaChain and Guniez Gang. Our experts also had a hand in game design and 3D art for the world’s first AAA FPS play-to-earn zombie survival game Undead Blocks. Its beta version is already available for download.

The VR sphere also does not give up its positions, both in the gaming and in the educational niche. So, one of our latest projects was the Birdly VR simulator, for which the 3D team created models of birds, insects, and plants. The simulator was the highlight of a number of Swiss exhibitions dedicated to the issue of insect extinction and the accompanying environmental disaster. The ultra-realistic models created according to the references of real animals and plants allowed visitors to the exhibition to completely immerse themselves in the environment of the meadow and feel like a butterfly in a world full of dangers and obstacles.