Creating ultra-realistic models of insects, birds, and plants for the award-winning Birdly Insects VR simulator is a new and unique experience for our 3D artists and animators. This simulator was the highlight of a series of special exhibitions in Switzerland celebrating the 100th anniversary of BirdLife Switzerland, an organization for the protection of birds and the environment.

The Birdly Insects project had a specific goal – to draw public attention to the importance of insects in the planetary ecosystem and the problem of their extinction, which could lead to an ecological disaster. Developed in partnership with us, the simulator was enthusiastically received in 50 cities in Switzerland. You can learn more about our work on Birdly Insects at in Ukrainian and at in English.

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The use of virtual reality in the modern world is becoming deeper and more conscious every day. Away from video games, VR technology is actively used in construction, industry and, of course, education. Over the past few years, virtuality in education has been recognized as a powerful and effective learning support tool. In particular, virtual worlds allow performing specific tasks in various settings created as scenarios for specific learning purposes.

Given all this, our client, the Swiss company SOMNIACS, has placed its bet on VR by creating Birdly, a unique VR platform focused on flight simulation. A special place among the already created experiences for this platform was taken by the world’s first Birdly Insects simulator, designed as a highlight of special exhibitions in Switzerland to celebrate the 100th anniversary of BirdLife Switzerland, an organization for the protection of birds and the preservation of their habitats.

The essence of the project was to create the most realistic environment in the form of a lawn filled with real species of insects, plants and birds. Our team had the honor to take part in the creation of 3D models for this simulator.