Kevuru Games — інтернаціональна компанія, в якій працюють спеціалісти з усього світу.

Сполучені Штати, Китай, Канада, Британія, Брализія, Франція, Швеція, Польща, Угорщина, Хорватія, Іспанія, Чехія, Азербайджан, Узбекистан, Казахстан, Арменія, В’єтнам, Індія, Шрі-Ланка, Грузія, Туреччина, Єгипет, Еквадор — географія команди і справді широка.

Як відбувається найм закордонних спеціалістів, які особливості комунікації та ефективної роботи в міжнародній команді та що власне спонукає іноземців прийняти офер від української компанії — детальніше на

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“We select candidates by their life positions, views, and soft skills. It can help to smooth out different mentalities”

“We are not limited to recruiting only in Ukraine and started hiring people from abroad at the end of 2021,” — says Head of Recruitment Ivan Sheremet. “The full remote working format in the company allows hiring specialists from anywhere. The recruitment process abroad is not very different from what we do with Ukrainians. We always base on the company’s values and look at how candidates (no matter which nationality) match our culture. We select candidates by their life positions, views, and soft skills. It can help to smooth out different mentalities. Therefore, I cannot say we are facing any critical problems in communications. There were questions about the correct registration of an employee and understanding the tax component, but our legal department quickly finds a solution in each case”.

There could be a time difference issue. We always discuss this point during the interview to find a compromise. But for some positions, the coincidence of working hours is not critical. The most important thing is to find at least a couple of hours to cross with a team and a manager for calls, to take feedback and tasks, and then work the rest of the time independently. At Kevuru Games, the work is based on a fully remote, flexible schedule, with no micromanagement, and people feel very comfortable.

The language of communication is English, obviously. This is an excellent opportunity for many Ukrainian colleagues to practice their language skills. And foreigners often show interest in the Ukrainian language. For example, there was a story about the PM that was a little late for a meeting, and when he joined the call, he saw a picture of all foreign colleagues trying to pronounce the word “palyanytsa” in turn.

“Everyone knows that we are at war”, — adds Ivan Sheremet. “I did not notice that someone was afraid to accept an offer from a company whose country hostilities are taking place. Of course, there were some internal experiences, given all foreigners can see when they open the news and see us on the front pages of newspapers. Sometimes employees from outside Ukraine raise questions about the environment. But we always explain that all our specialists are in safe places, allowing them to carry out their tasks without hindrance”.